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Monday, February 3, 2014 Melbourne Laneway Music Festival

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On Saturday my boyfriend and I went along to the Melbourne Laneway Music Festival! We weren't going to go originally, because we are planning on moving houses soon and we need to save our precious pennies for furniture and utensils and boring grown up things like that. But then my Mum offered to pay the bulk of the ticket as our Christmas presents, so it was too good to refuse! Artists included Chvrches, Lorde, Warpaint, Danny Brown and many many more... 

It was a really great day, despite the scorching temperature (36 degrees.. flipping' ouch). We were completely pooped by the end of it - crowds and heat and dancing are an energy-sapping combination, and the train ride back to the city station after the festival had finished was absolutely HORRENDOUS!! Packed like sardines. It's one of those moments where you feel a lot closer to complete strangers than what is socially appropriate... but aside from all that, it was a FAB day. 

   Hope you like the photos!!

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