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Monday, September 29, 2014 Weekend Snapshots: Exiting hermit mode

University work has been ruling my life recently. Which means total hermit mode. But this weekend I decided to give myself a breather. I needed to... This sister-to-ginger was going a lil insane! So here are a few photos that I collected along the way. Melbourne is so pretty at this time of year - I'm a total winter gal at heart (weirdo), but I can't deny the power that a little bit of sunshine has to completely lift ya mood :D xx

Sunday, September 7, 2014 Weekend Snapshots: When Kanye comes to Melbourne...

My bed time, on an average night, would be at approximately 1-2am. And that's only because I usually FORCE myself to turn off my laptop or put down my book and go to sleep... I am a night owl, what can I say? And so when I tell you that it's currently 9.15pm as I write this and that I'm struggling to keep my eyes open... that's saying something. Put simply, it's an indication of what a jam-packed weekend we've had. From birthday dinners, to football finals, to going-away parties, to baking, to shopping, to "Kanye Westivals" (Kanye is coming to Melbourne, and Melbourne is celebrating).. it was a good one :) I just wanted to post up a few pics before I lay my weary head down to rest. And to say, as always, hope you all had a fab weekend xx

Wednesday, September 3, 2014 Weekend Trip to the "Country"

We spent last weekend in Mount Macedon with a group of old friends who I went to school with (and their partners). We think it's technically classified as "rural", but it's really only a half hour/fourty minute drive from the CBD so it certainly didn't feel very rural. But anyway, it was lovely! The partners had actually organised it, so it was a surprise for (most of) us ladies, so that was an added bit of excitement. 

The property was really nice - it came with its own private golf course and tennis court.. so it was perfect for anyone who is into either of those things. Which I'm not. But it was still perfect. And we were so so SO lucky with the weather - beautiful and sunny and warm on both days. I even got a little bit sunburnt... it was technically still winter! I think that's a first for me.

So there are just a few snaps from the weekend. There weren't all that many photo opportunities because I basically just lay on a picnic blanket eating cheese all weekend... xx