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Friday, July 18, 2014 Recent Op-Shop Buys (aka thrifting)

I thought I would share some recently purchased items from a few different op-shops around Melbourne. Since going back to studying full time after finishing up at a full-time job, I've really had to adjust my spending habits. In a strange way (and although I would love to have the option of just splurging on a few items here and there) I think it's a lot more satisfying to shop on a budget. It's more of a challenge and hence more of a reward. I'm also conscious about how much we waste... Not talking about money here (that's a whole other story) but more so about materials. I was in a Target Outlet the other day, and I was looking around at the mountains of clothes, and it occurred to me... where do all of these clothes end up?? When we just keep producing everything in bulk, where does it all go?

1. Denim Shorts. I've been pairing these bad boys with feminine, lacy tops. 

2. Sheer black/silver dress. This is so easy to style because it basically does all the work for you. I wore it the other day with black stockings, black ankle boots and a black turtle neck crop top underneath.

3. Bohemian swirl top. It looks like a simple tank top but it actually fits very nicely. I don't know whether it's the material or the cut, or something else, but it's very flattering.

4. Navy blue silk "undergarment". I picked this up from the sleepwear aisle, but I've just been wearing it like any other top. Scandalous. 

5. Tie-dye patterned top. It's a very light material so I think it will be great in summer. Paired with a maxi/midi skirt, it'll work to give a certain "edge" to an outfit, I think.

6. These were so so so cheap! I think these three came to $2 all together. I've been using the tall, cream mug to hold some cooking utensils, I've been using the "terracotta" looking mug to hold my knives, forks and spoons for easy access, and I've been using the mini-milk jug to hold milk (revolutionary ey?)when we brew our coffee on the weekends. I love these!

7. Spotty teacups. Enough said. 

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