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Saturday, July 19, 2014 Storing Clothes Without A Wardrobe (His & Hers)

It was only a couple of days before we moved into our current apartment that I realised.. crap, we don't have a wardrobe. This is the first place that George and I have moved into where there isn't a built-in closet, which means that neither of us own one. And with so many other things to be spending on money, we had to think of alternative, cheap ways of storing clothes while still making them easily accessible. *Enter Ikea*. We purchased two Rigga Clothes Racks from Ikea, one for me and one for George. Costing only $19.99 each, they seem pretty sturdy and they are quite "aesthetically pleasing".

Now that we have these racks, I've realised that they actually look much better in our apartment that a wardrobe ever would. Because our place is so small, I feel it's quite important to keep bulky items to a minimum, for they would have the potential to make the place look even smaller and too cluttered. Although having our clothes out in the open means that we have to put a bit more effort into keeping them looking neat and tidy (there is no place to hide), I think it pays off well. 

And now for some photos of "George's" rack.. half of which is occupied by my winter coats :P 

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