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Monday, August 4, 2014 Weekend Snapshots: Abbotsford Farm

Yesterday we had the first "warm" day we've had in a while... As in, you could actually feel some warmth from the sun. It's amazing how much a bit of sunlight can lift everyone's mood. The people of Melbourne seemed to be celebrating - everyone was out and about. George and I had originally planned to go to a cafe in Abbotsford called Three Bags Full, but the waiting line was pretty ridiculous and we both don't like lining up for food haha. I consider us to be generally quite patient people... but that's just something we don't do :P We looked up other options for cafes on Google Maps and the one that stood out was The Farm Cafe (pretty much because of the name). After a tiny bit of a trek to get there, we found out to our delight that the cafe was actually amid a farm (nuh duh? shocking, I know). Even better! 

Hope you had a fabulous weekend :)

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