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Wednesday, January 14, 2015 365 Project // Day 13 "Welcome back, ladies"

13th January: The weather these days - either super hot, or raining and humid ie. summer in Melbourne :/ It means that, unless you live near a beach, it hasn't been the best weather to be out and about in. We're also trying to save money, and I also have Irish skin that burns like sugar butter, and so in my books, this can lead to only one thing - copious amounts of TV watching :P 

'Girls' started back again on the 12th, for the fourth season. I was excited, as always, for its return. Those one-liners, the quirks, and awkwardness... it didn't disappoint. And while I hold high-hopes for what is to come, and while it still has me glued, I do have to say that I think the show could do with a 'breath of fresh air' of some sort. Perhaps a few new characters, a change in scenery, some character development. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I've also been binging on Orange Is The New Black, and THAT is a show that does all these things really really well. You can never get bored, because it is never stagnant, and so you're always left wanting more. Anyway, if you have any show recommendations, please do let me know!! xx

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