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Wednesday, January 21, 2015 Recipe Recommendation // Whole Pantry's 'Vanilla & Almond Choc-Chip Cookies'

I have no intention of pretending I'm an awesome cook. I know that I'm pretty average, in the whole scheme of things, but I'm getting better. More and more I'm also coming to really enjoy the process of cooking. I find it to be quite a therapeutic activity - it distracts you, for a period of time, from whatever else is going on in your day or your life. It makes you focus on the production and creation of something, and hopefully ends in a satisfying reward. 

However, I'm still not confident in cooking/baking things without following recipes. I feel that if I try to experiment I'll stuff it up and waste ingredients - and I hate wasting food. And so I heavily rely on blogs, cookbooks and internet sites. I thought it might be a nice idea to share with you some recipe recommendations that I've gathered, suitable for anyone like me who doesn't feel wholly confident in the kitchen but are interested in trying new things. 

I found this 'Vanilla & Almond Choc-Chip Cookies' recipe from the Whole Pantry app. They also have a cookbook that I really really want but haven't purchased yet - it's on the list! They focus on mostly vegan and gluten free recipes, but in a really accessible and non-intimidating way ie. you won't need a fuckload of ingredients to substitute for an egg. The app costs a few dollars, but I think it's worth it. Not only for the recipes, but the app itself is beautiful (follow the link and you'll get an insight into what I mean)!

The cookie's are so easy and quick to make, and I usually already have most/all of the ingredients in the cupboard. I substitute cacoa nibs for chopped up dark chocolate, and I use vanilla essence instead of vanilla extract (it's just what I had in the cupboard and it's much cheaper). They're sweet, but not too sweet. And super light. Perfect with tea :) Enjoy!

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