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Friday, February 13, 2015 365 Project // Day 35 - 43

4 February: Waiting to get coffee. Still taking it slow. This was taken on the way home from having an x-ray done on my neck (turns out they couldn't find anything abnormal, thank lordy).

5 February: I call this one - "recovery".

6 February: My mum has recently retired and is really into knitting. She knits everything. I'm going to go to her house one day and everything from the doormat to the furniture will be knitted. She's kindly asked me to choose something from this beautiful book for her to make for me. I want everything. 

7 February: Not all that keen on uploading this to the interwebz, but this is the 365 project and this is the only photo I took that day. I sent it to my sisters to show our fancy "date night".

8 February: Lunch. Haloumi cheese makes life worth livin'. Can I get a Hellz YEh!?

9 February: Still making these cookies #obsessed. I wrote about the recipe here. So easy, so yummy.

10 February: Tip - Bagels make an easy and satisfying dinner on a hot summer's night.

11 February: Smoothies all summer longggggg.

12 February: I know Europeans would laugh if they heard about/witnessed the hype over H&M opening here in Melbourne. There were lines out the door, security, the whole shebang. And hence, I avoided that place like the plague. I felt brave the other day, and so decided to take a wander in to see what all the fuss is about. You have to admit, it looks pretty spectacular. 

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