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Tuesday, February 3, 2015 Recipe Recommendation // Sesame Snaps

Yet another sweet snack... I think you're getting a clear indication of what I enjoy cooking/eating most :P. Here is another easy yet satisfying recipe. I've been a big fan of sesame snaps since the beginning of uni - they make the perfect mid-lecture snack, or are great with a cup of coffee. And don't underestimate them, they're pretty filling, so you only need a few :)

I followed this recipe here, but there are heaps out there, and it's quite easy to experiment. I added some plain buckinis to the mix, for instance. Or you can add any other type of seed you fancy - maybe some pumpkin seeds could work well? You can drizzle some melted chocolate on top once the snaps have cooled, and then wait for the choc to set before cutting them into squares or whatever shape you prefer. Whatevz man!

Here is what I used:

Then it's basically a matter of mixing it all together and rolling it out:

Then pop it in the oven. I probably should have kept it in for a little bit longer, because they were still quite soft in the centre, but they still tasted fab :)

Cut them into squares and enjoy! xx

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